Pillar 3a, the right choice

for your future

Pillar 3a, the right choice for your future

Think ahead,
start saving now

Saving for your retirement with a 3a account allows you to benefit from annual tax savings, enhances your pension entitlements, and provides you with the flexibility to use your funds for major life events.

Why should you open a
Pillar 3a account?

Enjoy a tax benefit

Save tax money
every year

You can reduce your taxable income by the maximum annual amount allowed: For employees with a pension fund (Pillar 2) - up to CHF 7,056 in 2024. For self-employed individuals without a pension fund (Pillar 2) - 20% of net income up to a maximum of CHF 35,280 in 2024.


1.25% interest and no account fees1

Benefit from our attractive interest on your 3a account.


radicant is a Swiss licensed bank

We are supervised by the Swiss Financial Markets Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Your assets are managed according to applicable industry standards.

Fund the future of OUR PLANET

Your deposits with impact

radicant invests a part of your deposits to finance impactful projects via labelled bonds.

Mehr darüber, wie wir deine Einlagen nutzen
Coming soon

3a Investment account

Soon you can invest your 3a funds into our investment products and participate in the global financial markets with our actively managed sustainable investment funds and certificates.

Your Pillar 3a account
in 3 simple steps


Open a free bank account with radicant

It only takes a few minutes.


Open your 3a account in the App

Open a 3a account fully digitally in just 1 minute without the immediate need to make your first deposit and inform us if you are a member of a Swiss pension fund (2 pillar).


Fund your new 3a account!

Now you're good to go, congratulations. You are ready to add funds to your new sustainable 3a account. You can also transfer the funds of an existing 3a account to radicant in a few simple steps.

Pillar 3a overview
Account fee
Interest rate1
Asset protection

Your 3a deposits are preferential and protected up to a maximum of CHF 100’000.

Up to CHF 100’000
Transfer existing 3a funds

Open your free
account now

Start making a difference for you, society and our planet.
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What is Pillar 3a?
Pillar 3a is a part of private retirement savings in Switzerland and complements the state pension (1st pillar) and occupational pension (2nd pillar). It allows individuals to voluntarily save for retirement with tax benefits. Contributions to Pillar 3a can be deducted from the annual taxable net income.
How do I save taxes with Pillar 3a?
Wealth held in Pillar 3a is not taxable during its holding period. Deduct the yearly contributions to Pillar 3a from your taxable income. To do this, enter your annual payment amount in your tax return and enclose the tax certificate provided in the radicant app (Profile & Settings, Documents, Tax statements). The tax savings can vary depending on the canton, income and civil status due to tax progression .

Depending on the canton, income and civil status, the maximum amount of Pillar 3a can save around CHF 1,500 to CHF 2,500 in taxes.

For example: With an annual income of CHF 85,000, you can save up to CHF 2,500 per year in taxes.
How do I open a Pillar 3a account with radicant?
To open a Pillar 3a account, you must download the radicant app, complete the onboarding, identification and activate your account. Then you can easily open a Pillar 3a account in the app under Pensions.
What is the maximum amount of Pillar 3a contributions in 2024?
The maximum amount for Pillar 3a in 2024 is:

- For employees with a pension fund (second pillar): CHF 7,056
- For self-employed persons without a pension fund (second pillar): 20% of annual net earned income, up to a maximum of CHF 35,280.
Is there a minimum amount that I need to deposit?
No, there is no minimum amount.
How do I pay into Pillar 3a at radicant?
Transfer money from your radicant everyday account to your 3a account, go to “Pension” in the app and select “deposit”.

To transfer money from a different bank account to your 3a account, you can easily copy the 3a account IBAN from the app and include it in the remittance order. To do this, go to Pensions, Settings in the app and copy the IBAN.
Can I have multiple Pillar 3a accounts with radicant?
At the moment you can only open a 3a savings account. However, we are working on offering multiple accounts as well as 3a investment accounts.
How can I withdraw my Pillar 3a funds?
Pillar 3a is a pension account. Funds can only be withdrawn under certain conditions. All payout options are accessible in the App under Pension > Settings > Payout.

Ordinary payout:
- When you reach the AHV retirement age (at the earliest five years before or at the latest five years after the regular AHV retirement age)

Early payout:
- Financing of owner-occupied residential property
- Change to self-employment
- Purchase into a pension fund
- Receiving a full invalidity pension
- Emigrating from Switzerland
- Due to divorce or change in civil status
Is the Pillar 3a account at radicant sustainable?
With radicant’s focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), your 3a account deposits not only return interest to you, but also support environmental projects around the world. radicant uses a part of your deposits for financing impactful projects via labelled bonds. This generates interest and impact.
Where do I find the tax certificate for my tax return?
You find the tax certificate in the App under Profile & Settings > Documents > Tax Certificates.
Can I open a Pillar 3a investment account with radicant?
At the moment you can only open a Pillar 3a savings account. However, we are working on offering you a 3a investment solution. Soon you will be able to invest into our sustainable investment products aligned with the UN SDGs and participate in the global financial markets with our actively managed sustainable investment funds.
How do I transfer my current Pillar 3a funds to radicant?
In the App go to Pension > Add funds > Transfer 3a account, fill out the form and send it to your current pension provider. We'll take care of the rest.
Is Pillar 3a from radicant subject to a fee?
You do not pay any account fees or deposit and withdrawal fees.

One-off fees apply for the following:
- Pledging (per case)
- Advance withdrawal for home ownership (per case)
- Payment abroad or early withdrawal due to self-employment
- Transfer to another Pillar 3a fund within one year of opening the account
- Extraordinary administrative expenses: According to cost

All fees are charged to your pension assets. For more details, see the cost regulations for the 3a Digital Pension Foundation with asset management by radicant bank ag. See more
Who holds my Pillar 3a assets?
Your 3a account assets are held by the “Pension Foundation 3a Digital” in your name at radicant bank ag. In addition radicant bank ag is appointed as the asset manager of your assets.
Are my Pillar 3a deposits secured?
Your 3a account deposits are preferential and protected up to a maximum of CHF 100'000 per client and 3a provider (collocation in the second creditor class). The preferential treatment of the 3a deposits applies additionally and independently of your other deposits (e.g. everyday account).
What do I do if I have further questions?
If you have further questions about Pillar 3a or our offer, you can contact us. You find the contact information below.
Where can I find relevant Pillar 3a documents?

Legal disclaimer

¹ Interest rates may change at any time due to market conditions. Interest rate adjustments take effect at the time of an interest rate change. The applicable interest rates are published on the radicant website. The interest rate is calculated on a daily basis, using the end of the day balance. The total of the interest accumulated over the year will be paid at year-end.

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