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SDG Impact Rating

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We evaluate companies on their contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), scoring them from -100 to +100. Companies must achieve a high overall score and meet specific criteria to qualify for investment, ensuring alignment with sustainable development.

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What contributes to a company’s impact?

A company's impact is determined by its interactions with society, nature, and the economy. This includes how it affects communities, the environment, and economic systems through its operations, products, and practices. Understanding these dynamics helps us assess the overall influence and contributions of a company.

This is where the scoring method
comes in

Here, we use a rigorous scoring process to evaluate companies based on their impact and alignment with sustainability goals, directing our investments to support positive environmental and social outcomes.

Only the best companies make the cut

We select companies with a score above 20, indicating a net positive impact. We also enforce strict exclusion. We invest solely in companies with an overall SDG score above 20, at least one positive SDG flag, and no exclusion flags.

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Want to know more about how we work with transparency?

You’re not only getting insights into the companies within your portfolio and can learn which SDGs they’re contributing to. You can also find out in which areas we believe they can improve their sustainability efforts.

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