With us, your money works for a better world
A part of the money on your radicant account supports sustainable projects worldwide.

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    The cheapest option when paying in another currency? radicant
    With us, you benefit from 0% fees when shopping abroad! Online and in-store. That means no Visa markup, no transaction fees, nothing. When you pay with your radicant card, we will only apply the exchange rate (= the mid-market rate) - plain and simple.

      Paying Abroad

      Fast and secure mobile payments
      Add your free virtual debit card to your Apple or Google Wallet and start paying straight away. No plastic and no waiting time.


        Pay the Swiss way
        Pay your bills in no time with eBill and our QR-bill scanner. And get radicant TWINT, Switzerland's convenient payment app.


          Pay and restore
          Every time you spend money with your radicant debit card, you support the restoration of a mangrove ecosystem in Kenya.


            Carbon footprint tracker
            Learn about the carbon impact of each of your payments, track your total monthly footprint and see which transaction generated the most CO2.

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              Our pricing in a nutshell

              • CHF 0,- monthly base fee
              • Up to 1.25% interest on your everyday account1, no withdrawal restrictions

              See our full pricing

              Highest security standards
              radicant is a Swiss bank, so your deposits are guaranteed up to CHF 100,000. With strong partners like Google, Netguardians, Cloudguard, Futurae and Finnova we make sure your money and data are protected at all times.


                Sustainable banking at radicant: How it works
                As Switzerland's first digital sustainable bank, radicant is committed to aligning all products and services to sustainable development. This also applies to our banking offering. But what does that mean?


                  1. 1.25% interest up to CHF 250,000 and 1% interest from CHF 250,001. Interest rates may change at any time due to market conditions. Interest rate adjustments take effect at the time of an interest rate change. The applicable interest rates are published on the radicant website. The interest rate is calculated on a daily basis, using the end of the day balance. The total of the interest accumulated over the year will be paid at year-end.