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The year 2023 was very important to us, as we entered the market as Switzerland's first digital sustainability bank. Looking back, there are many milestones and achievements to celebrate. The report summarises our achievements to date and provides transparency on sustainability KPIs.

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    We align all our business activities with UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    The SDGs have been adopted by all 193 UN member states. They cover all of today's major challenges and are a roadmap for sustainable development. We use the UN SDGs as our framework for measuring impact.

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      Our Sustainability Claim
      The definition of radicant as sustainability bank rests on three pillars.

      1. Products and services: We offer banking and investing that has a sustainable impact. All of radicant’s products and services contribute to sustainability objectives.
      2. Operations: radicant aims to be a role model and strives for operational sustainability excellence.
      3. Advocacy: We aim to make a positive impact beyond our products and services by educating on and advocating in favour of sustainable development.

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        The next generation of impactful banking and investing


        December 2023: Launch of the impact transactions feature, which supports the restoration of a mangrove ecosystem in Kenya
        August 2023: Banking and investing app is now publicly available.
        March 2023: The beta version of the radicant app is launched.
        December 2022: First release of the radicant banking and investing app (alpha).
        October 2022: Launch our three "dark green" funds classified under SFDR-Article 9 and eight sustainable certificates on impact investment themes. We join Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF).
        May 2022: Obtaining FINMA banking license.
        April 2021: radicant is founded on Earth Day.

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          Our impact

          An overview of our positive and negative impact with our operations, products and services.

          Our sustainability memberships

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          Our outlook

          What we are working on now and in the near future.

          Our experts