Digital financial services provider radicant founded


radicant bank ag is a Zurich-based digital financial services provider that operates throughout Switzerland. Its focus is on personalized financial consultation and sustainable financial solutions. Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB) founded the company today with Anders Bally.

The founding of radicant ltd marks the beginning of the development of the digital financial services provider announced by BLKB. Radicant is a strategic investment of BLKB, with the position of company CEO being filled by Dr. Anders Bally. Radicant is now being developed into a purely digital company that will provide both personalized financial advice and sustainable financial solutions.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals 2030 of the United Nations will play a key role for the new company. During its start-up phase, the company will also be relying heavily on the involvement of interested individuals, potential clients and ideas contributed by the fintech network. With its community approach, radicant intends to demonstrate proximity to the financial needs of its future clients from the very beginning. By the time it enters the market, which is scheduled for 2022, the company will have established a center of excellence as well as a community focused on the topic of sustainable investments. On this basis, radicant ensures trailblazing and client-focused development of financial services offering that is digital and sustainable.


Radicant is a unique opportunity not only to redefine financial institution technology but also to bring more transparency to sustainable investment opportunities,” says Anders Bally, CEO of radicant. “As we move forward, we are looking to collaborate with Swiss fintech companies, other financial services providers, NGOs, experts and private individuals who also would like to make a contribution to sustainable development. I am convinced that we can achieve an enormous amount together.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to properly launch radicant after a long preparatory phase,” says John Häfelfinger, CEO of BLKB. “With the recruitment of Anders Bally as CEO, we have been able to bring on board an extremely experienced and competent entrepreneur who cares deeply about sustainability. We see this as marking the beginning of the development of a pioneering digital financial services provider that stands for responsibility and authenticity, just like BLKB.”

CEO, Executive Board and Board of Directors

As CEO, Dr. Anders Bally will be assuming responsibility for building radicant. Having trained as an economist, he brings a track record of building businesses over the course of nearly 30 years. He also has extensive knowledge in the areas of sustainable investing, asset management, software development, social media, artificial intelligence and big data. In recent years, he has been recognized for his achievements with several fintech awards, and he was also listed as one of Switzerland’s one hundred “digital shapers” in 2019.

As CFO, Roland Kläy will assume responsibility for radicant’s financial and risk management on 1 August 2021. Roland Kläy has a proven record in both areas and was the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) at a financial institution in recent years. His many years of experience will allow him to ensure radicant’s financial stability and establish a balanced risk culture. Additional Executive Board members will be recruited and announced in the months to come.

The chairman of radicant is Marco Primavesi, a member of the Bank Council of BLKB. Stefan Mühlemann, founder and chairman of Loanboox, is a member of the Board of Directors and Michel Degen, Chief Risk Officer (CRO) at BLKB becomes a member of the Board of Directors instead of Herbert Kumbartzki, who has decided to retire at the end of July 2021.

“Radicant is a unique opportunity not only to redefine financial institution technology but also to bring more transparency to sustainable investment opportunities.”
[Dr. Anders Bally, CEO, radicant bank ag]

On the meaning of “radicant”

In biology, radicant plants are distinguished by their impressive ability to adapt to new environments and conditions. They continually put down new roots as they grow, separating themselves along the way from the roots that they no longer need. This incredible adaptive capacity and agility symbolizes radicant ltd. and its financial services. At the same time, the name underscores the great importance that sustainability and support for the protection of the environment have for radicant.

We extend a cordial invitation to everyone to join in radicant’s development at and for interested parties to help shape its future.

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