The threat of large-scale migration flows 

The United Nations estimates that the global population will reach around 10 billion by 2050, up from around 7.5 billion today. Most of these new citizens will be born in Asia and Africa, regions increasingly impacted by the climate crisis. Already, one in ten people are suffering from hunger. With temperatures rising and water supply decreasing, these regions are at risk of experiencing more hunger, unrest and armed conflicts and, consequently, intercontinental refugees.  

Eradicating poverty, hunger and armed conflict will take centre stage for political decision-makers. With increasing efforts to meet people’s basic needs worldwide, companies that provide solutions to lift people out of poverty and that preserve food security will benefit over the next decade. 

Rising demand for solutions in food-, social- and cyber security 

Companies can cater to basic human needs with a range of products and solutions that address the common reasons for poverty. #AffordableHousing and #ResidentalUtilities reduce homelessness and unpaid bills. #AccessToFinance can help people cover the lack of liquidity and develop small businesses. As health problems are often a reason for poverty, insurance embedded in #Healthcare4All can be a beneficial solution. #AccessToEducation is the condition to lift the working poor, estimated by the UN at 7.6% of the global labour force, out of poverty. 

We will need to feed 10 billion people on Earth by 2050. Hunger can be addressed by providing food security. The most efficient use of agriculture is through #BasicPlantBasedFood. Meat production should only take place if the outcomes are #SaneAnimalProteins. The sustainable use of nature’s riches requires #Organic farming and a clear focus on labelling such as #CertifiedFood or #CertifiedRawMaterials.  

Most basic needs can be successfully satisfied if strong institutions take care of the issues. However, the very same institutions, be they governmental or civil society-based, are under attack by both physical criminal activities and cybercrime. In order to preserve peace and strong institutions, today’s technology-based world requires solutions in the field of #AntiCrime and #Cybersecurity.   

Addressing poverty, hunger and social unrest

Various key aspects of SDG 1 "No Poverty", SDG 2 "Zero Hunger" and SDG 16 "Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions" are achieved when we cover the basic needs of 10 billion people. The aim is firstly to end poverty in all its forms everywhere by ensuring that all men and women have equal rights to economic resources such as land, natural resources, new technology and financial services. Secondly, it is about ending hunger, achieving food security and improved nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture. Finally, the aim is to promote peaceful and inclusive societies and institutions for sustainable development.

Invest in impactful companies and manage your wealth

Take your wealth to the next level by adding a societal and environmental dimension. We firmly believe that only companies which contribute towards addressing the major sustainability challenges will thrive in the future.

    Climate Stability

    Gender equality

    Healthy Ecosystems

    Basic needs

    Clean Water

    Good Health & Well-being

    Quality education

    Societal progress

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