#BatteryTech as an important building block for the energy transition


Related SDGs


Sustainability challenge and related SDGs:

For over 100 years, fossil fuels have been the most important energy sources for industry and the economy. To this day, they fuel global economic growth but are also the largest single contributor to the emission of greenhouse gases that lead to climate change. For this reason, policy makers almost everywhere in the world are focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In all sectors, numerous options have been identified that have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. In particular, the energy sector, which accounts for about 73.2% (electricity, cooling/heating, transport) of global greenhouse gas emissions, has a great deal of leverage, according to the IPCC report. Renewable energies (e.g., wind, water, solar) should replace fossil fuels in future. However, since renewable energy resources often do not provide constant power, energy storage will play a key role in mitigating climate change.

Possible solutions and their contribution to achieving the SDGs

A carbon-neutral economy can be driven by the use of clean technologies Batteries store electricity and are used accordingly as stabilisers in the power supply.

Companies associated with the raditag #BatteryTech create sustainable and competitive energy storage solutions. Examples of these technologies are charging options for electric and hybrid vehicles as well as other battery solutions. But battery testing technology is also relevant, as battery life and performance are critical to the success of eclectically powered vehicles and devices. #BatteryTech help in the transition towards a low-carbon economy and thus promote the goals of SDG 7 "Affordable and clean energy" and SDG 13 "Climate action".

Primarily related SDG Targets: 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 13.2


Investment Rationale and Growth Potential

The development of batteries that power electric motors - which are expected to become more important than combustion engines in the future - is in full swing. Not only because of the rapid rise of electric mobility, but also because of their ability to balance (renewable) energy supply and demand in the electricity system. In future, batteries will be used in an even more versatile way. As a result, #BatteryTech as an energy storage solution is increasingly dominating political discussions. All these developments make the battery technology sector a viable market for future investments.

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