Security through prevention of violent crime, property damage, fraud, deceit, corruption, and property crime.


Related SDGs


Sustainability challenge and related SDGs:

One of the most important human needs is security. Building a sustainable future is accordingly based on a secure and stable society, so that broad trust can emerge, and collaboration is fostered.

With increasing digitalization (Industry 4.0), the economy is moving in an ever more complex risk environment. This also increases the challenge of preventing economic crimes such as fraud, deception, corruption, and property crimes. Most often, these threats come from outside an organization, but sometimes they come from within. The most common attacks from outside happen through organized crime or customers.

Digitization can be helpful for investigative work, but it can also encourage crime. Accordingly, digitization brings its own risks, while physical security remains a key issue. Preventing acts of violence or damage to property is essential for sustainable development. Preventing these crimes altogether promotes SDG 16 "Peace, justice and strong institutions."

Possible solutions and their contribution to achieving the SDGs

#AntiCrime includesdoor and lock companies that provide security products and services. A large proportion of crimes are economic crimes. Therefore, a number of companies offer solutions to prevent, detect, mitigate and manage money laundering, fraud and other financial crimes.

Another branch of #AntiCrime deals with physical attacks. Companies offer access points, security locks, alarm systems or special doors. These products are often used in combination with security personnel. They, in turn, need tools to confirm their presence in certain areas of the building during a tour.

Finally, #AntiCrime also includes prisoner rehabilitation and social reintegration services. These are important to prevent former offenders from relapsing back into their unlawful behaviours.

Primarily related SDG Targets: 16.1, 16.4, 16.5, 16.a


Investment Rationale and Growth Potential

Most crimes benefit no one except the perpetrator. Meanwhile, society or individuals bear the cost of fraud, corruption, intrusion, and violence. Crime and its prevention will always be a balancing act: The cost of prevention must be less than the cost of the crimes committed, including the cost of "worrying" that a crime might be committed, or the investment will not pay off. However, as new businesses and organizations are constantly being created, and new homes are being built every day, new targets for crime are constantly being "brought to market." It is therefore to be expected that #AntiCrime products will continue to be of great interest in the coming years.

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