Access to decent housing conditions at an affordable price.


Related SDGs


Sustainability challenge and related SDGs

More than one billion people are slum dwellers. They cannot afford living in a decent place at market price. Getting these people out of poverty is a big challenge. But even many people with low to middle-income struggle to get access to decent housing conditions, especially in big cities.

In most European countries, we consider that the amount of rent or mortgage repayment should not exceed one third of gross income to maintain a balanced budget. This is tough for many families. Increasing the proportion of the population living in households with access to basic services belongs to the targets set to achieve SDG 1 No Poverty. In addition, SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities sets the target to “ensure access for all to adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services and upgrade slums” by 2030.

Possible solutions and their contribution to achieving the SDGs

#Affordablehousing can be houses or apartments rent or sold at a reduced or subsidized price, either from private or public organizations. They enable people with low-income to get access to decent housing conditions. So, thanks to this type of affordable accommodation people with low and middle-income can avoid spending too much money into their housing and fall into poverty. In some cases, it can therefore contributes to get some people out of slums, informal settlements, or inadequate housing and thereby out of poverty.

Addressing some of the challenges set by SDG 1 “No Poverty”, #AffordableHousing also facilitates the development of safer and resilient cities SDG 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities” and helps to achieve SDG 10 “Reduced Inequalities”. In addition, financing affordable housing for low- to median-income households is also a crucial step to help people getting access to decent housing conditions, provided there is no predatory lending.

Primarily related SDG Targets: 1.4; 11.1


Investment Rationale and Growth Potential

Global poverty rate is projected to be 7% in 2030 and unfortunately the target of eradicating poverty will surely be missed. That means that about 600 million people will not have access to decent housing conditions by 2030. Providing and financing #AffordableHousing will remain a challenge for the years to come and there will always be a need for this type of housing. Due to the high demand for #AffordableHousing, the inventory of available housing is low. Real estate companies offering these types of housings can be assured that they will rent them very quickly and that empty rates will remain close to zero.

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