Sustainable Funds
Swiss Sustainable Equities

Our investment funds are designed for people seeking opportunities to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by financing companies that provide impactful products and services. The fund’s objective is to seek long-term competitive returns by investing in a broadly diversified portfolio of Swiss-based companies that make a positive contribution to the SDGs.

Key facts:  

  • Sustainability assessment based on radicant’s unique SDG-alignment methodology.
  • Explicit sustainability objective with Swiss-based companies making an overall positive contribution to the UN SDGs and therefore to real-word problems.
  • Classified as the cutting-edge Article 9 standard (“Dark Green”) according to the EU SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation).
  • Multi-stage investment process yielding broadly diversified portfolios with a focus on financial quality based on a dynamic multi-factor model with ~50 key historical performance drivers
  • Sustainability risk taken into consideration – See our Principal Adverse Sustainability Impacts Reporting