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As part of the agreement, radicant will deploy a comprehensive set of cloud-based services from SalesforceSalesforce Marketing Cloud enables radicant a personalized (“1:1”) communication with its future customers. The Salesforce Interaction Studio enables customers and community members to see only content that is relevant to them. The Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) provides an analysis of customers’ needs and preferences. Additionally, Salesforce Service Cloud allows service requests to be addressed and processed individually, which can be automated and handled quickly with the help of artificial intelligence.

The Zurich-based financial service provider radicant strives to promote the achievement of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through greater transparency, collaboration and adoption of digitalized and personalized financial services.

«From our point of view, banks have a lot to catch up in order to better understand and support their customers. We want to set new standards here in the future – not only in regard to financial issues, but also in regards to their individual sustainability goals. That’s why we decided to work with Salesforce, which we believe is one of the world’s leading providers of customer relationship services,» explains Dr. Anders Bally, CEO and co-founder of radicant.

Rami Habib, Country Leader Salesforce Switzerland: «Salesforce has not only been the CRM market leader for many years, we have also been the digital advisor of the financial sector in Switzerland for a long time. radicant now has a pioneering solution ready in the heavily regulated financial sector that optimally serves current customer needs by enabling the financial service provider to look after and address customers in an individualized manner. Moreover, investments in the digitization of customer relationships are the most distinguished feature between financial services companies, because personal contact often hardly takes place anymore. A better understanding of customers and the automation of processes allows radicant to design a sustainable business model. »

Salesforce has been serving banks in Europe for many years and enables also Swiss customers to comply with Swiss standards and regulations for data privacy and security. Salesforce will play an important role for radicant’s long term vision to offer a personalised, sustainable and financial life companion to Swiss Affluents.



radicant bank ag
radiant bank ag (radicant) is a data- and technology-driven start-up with the goal of democratizing access to personalized and sustainable financial services around the clock. The fintech company will promote the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the market with its community and financial services, as well as by establishing those goals within its company. Through increased transparency, the bank will help its customers to achieve their individual financial and sustainability goals. radicant is currently in the start-up phase and received its banking license from FINMA in May 2022.


On the meaning of «radicant»
In biology, radicant plants are characterized by their distinct ability to adapt to new environments and conditions. They repeatedly strike new roots during growth, separating themselves from roots that are no longer needed. For us, the term radicant symbolizes a ground-breaking shift in the adaptability of financial services that is deeply rooted in sustainability.



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