Zurich, 10 January 2023 – radicant bank ag (radicant) is the first digital and collaborative provider of sustainable financial services in Switzerland that is strategically aligned with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For its “radiLifeplanner”, which in future will allow clients to plan their most important life events while taking into account their financial and sustainability goals, radicant relies on the expertise of the Swiss wealthtech company 3rd-eyes analytics. 

As sustainable digital bank and wealth manager in Switzerland, radicant aims to become a financial life companion for its clients by using state-of-the-art technology. radicant wants to provide personal recommendations for a sustainable lifestyle and financial decisions. An important component of the innovative radicant mobile app will be the “radiLifeplanner”. 

The radiLifeplanner allows clients to simulate life events and plan and align short- and long-term financial objectives, i.e., getting married, buying a house or retiring. As a special feature, clients will be able to find out about the possible impact of global warming and climate change on their financial wealth and sustainability life goals. For the development of this key tool of the new banking app, radicant relies on a partnership with 3rd-eyes analytics.

For a more realistic assessment of clients’ financial situation, the Swiss wealthtech and insuretech company 3rd-eyes analytics, which counts numerous Swiss banks and insurers among its clients, works with scenarios that take into account the influences of both the capital markets and climate change. “In our efforts to demonstrate how sustainability can impact private wealth across different financial planning scenarios, 3rd-eyes has been an important sparring partner for radicant since its foundation,” says Anders Bally, CEO and Co-Founder of radicant. “3rd-eyes relies on a holistic and customised optimisation methodology that continuously improves the situation of its clients,” he continues.

“With 3rd-eyes analytics, we have gained a technology partner that supports our high standards in terms of future-oriented and sustainable wealth planning, taking into account the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Many people ask themselves whether they can achieve their financial goals and how the climate and other sustainability issues affect their achievement. For this, they expect solutions from their bank,” says radicant Chief Product Officer (CPO) & Co-Founder Rouven Leuener.  

Stephanie Feigt, CEO of 3rd-eyes analytics, comments on the partnership: “We are proud to contribute to the success of the first bank aligned with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We share the same vision of making a sustainable impact and helping clients achieve their goals and are excited to co-create with radicant to realise their vision.” 

You can find more information about the radiLifeplanner on our website

radicant bank ag 

radicant bank ag (radicant) is a data- and technology-driven start-up with the goal of democratizing access to personalized and sustainable financial services around the clock. The fintech company will promote the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the market with its community and financial services, as well as by establishing those goals within its company. Through increased transparency, the bank will help its customers to achieve their individual financial and sustainability goals. radicant is currently in the start-up phase and received its banking license from FINMA in May 2022. radicant.com 

3rd-eyes analytics 

3rd-eyes analytics is a Swiss wealthtech company that provides financial service providers with goal-based and sustainable wealth planning and investment advisory solutions. The latest innovation from 3rd-eyes analytics shows the impact of climate change on personal wealth development, mitigates climate change risks in the investment strategy and enables a sustainable reduction of CO2 emissions. 

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