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radicant launches three EU SFDR “dark green” funds

The objective of the funds is to invest in a broadly diversified portfolio of companies and issuers with a global orientation and Swiss companies respectively. The companies and issuers that are part of the portfolios have been analysed and selected using radicant’s unique sustainability analysis. Only companies that make a positive overall contribution to the SDGs are considered for selection.

“We want to enable people who want to make their lifestyle more sustainable to also invest in sustainable investment solutions,” says Jan Poser, Chief Sustainable Investment Officer and Co-Founder radicant bank ag. “Our funds offer the opportunity to align one’s own investment strategy with the UN’s 17 SDGs.”

“Dark Green” funds as unique selling point

All three radicant SDG Impact Solutions funds are classified as Article 9 “Dark Green” funds under the EU SFDR. Currently, only about 4% of all funds authorised for distribution in the entire European Economic Area meet this “Dark Green” classification. The classification requires that the respective funds must pursue a positive environmental, social and/or corporate governance impact. For the bond fund, an additional focus on green and sustainable certified bonds applies to promote dedicated sustainability objectives, such as the transition to a CO2-neutral economy.

Using a multi-stage investment process based on a multi-factor model with around 50 historical return drivers, radicant can offer broadly diversified equity and bond portfolios with a focus on financial quality. Here is an overview of the three investment funds that radicant has launched as asset manager together with LGT Fund Management Company Ltd (management company):

radicant SDG Impact Solutions funds

  • Global Sustainable Equities
  • Swiss Sustainable Equities
  • Global Sustainable Bonds

Further information and our short overview video can be found on our website and the website of the Liechtenstein Investment Fund Association (prospectus and basic information). radicant’s financial product portfolio also includes actively managed certificates thematically aligned with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.



radicant bank ag
radiant bank ag (radicant) is a data- and technology-driven start-up with the goal of democratizing access to personalized and sustainable financial services around the clock. The fintech company will promote the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the market with its community and financial services, as well as by establishing those goals within its company. Through increased transparency, the bank will help its customers to achieve their individual financial and sustainability goals. radicant is currently in the start-up phase and received its banking license from FINMA in May 2022.


On the meaning of «radicant»
In biology, radicant plants are characterized by their distinct ability to adapt to new environments and conditions. They repeatedly strike new roots during growth, separating themselves from roots that are no longer needed. For us, the term radicant symbolizes a ground-breaking shift in the adaptability of financial services that is deeply rooted in sustainability.



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