eBill advantages

  • Convenient: Receive, check and pay invoices in just one click, all in your radicant app. Don’t miss the due date and pay in time.

  • Time-saving: No manual bill payment, no scanning and your invoices are digitally archived.

  • Secure: eBill applies the latest data protection procedures in accordance with the mobile and web banking standards of Swiss banks.

  • Sustainable: Fully digital processing saves resources, massively reduces CO2 emissions and is the most environmentally friendly way to pay invoices.



Here is how to register:

1. Open your radicant app and go to the payments page.

2. Tap on eBill and you’ll be redirected to the eBill platform where you can register.

3. After your registration, you can select the invoice issuers you wish to receive invoices from via eBill.

4. Ready! Now directly approve all your invoices in the radicant app. For any additional information or changes to payment, go to the eBill platform.

Yes, you can register to eBill with different banks by using the same email address. During the registration process, you need to mention that you already use eBill. You will then have access and can approve eBills from all the banks linked to your eBill account.

Do you still have questions? Have a look at eBill FAQ for more answers.